“Sarah Mendelsohn’s debut solo CD, “IF” is one of those local artist offerings that make you wonder why this artist is not already signed and famous. “IF”, loaded with finely crafted, rich, tuneful songs, manages to be a complete album experience from bright beginning to glorious finale. In fact, much of Mendelsohn’s material defies category.” Read more


“Taking hold of our hearts with her emotionally rangy voice, she paints her tales of joy, sorrow, sinking, lamenting, hoping and overcoming as if life is an endless, non-linear river of challenges, defeats, attempts, survival and all the things that make it worth living.” Read more


“She sings with a raw, survivor’s emotion. Mendelsohn gets knocked down in the opening “Drowning,” but is back with renewed optimism in “I Will Rise,” with the irrepressible lyric: “I may stumble and I may cry … and if I get knocked down, I will rise.” Simple sentiments, but sung with grace and strength.” Read more

— STEVE MORSE, former staff music critic at the Boston Globe for 28 years